Mihnea Nastase

I am Mihnea Nastase, and I am fortunate. I have traveled to over 200 countries and have enjoyed fine art in museums and in private homes across the globe.  Art galleries, auctions and art markets are my passion and my playground. Through this lens I study art and artists as vehicles of beauty and enjoyment – and as vehicles for financial gain. I hope you’ve come to explore my current collection.  Every item we offer is authentic, I do not sell reproductions of old paintings, prints, etchings or engravings.

Some of our clients, especially those who have suffered substantial losses in the stock market and other “liquid” investments, have worked with us on a “fine art investment portfolio”.  This is analagous to any 401(k) portfolio you may envision.  You want that portfolio to be balanced in short term and long term gain, you want that portfolio that have diversity, and you want to feel comfortable that your investment is legitimate.  So it is with Foreign Affair International.  Our customers tell us what they have to spend, what their risk profile is all about, and even what they intend to do with the art (hang it? store it? rent it? sell it for profit? pass it on to children?).  We find art that meets those needs. This is our special offering.