Foreign Affair rents paintings, prints and antique furniture.
Organizations and individuals rent for a wide variety reasons including weddings and special events, photo shoots, fashion shows, television and movie productions, etc. Rental is the ideal option when outright purchase does not make sense, but using cheap, “imitation”
art is not preferred either. Foreign Affair offers a lower cost answer to getting the high quality appearance desired.

Recently, we were delighted to rent art which will be used on the set of the sequel to “The Hunger Games”. Foreign Affair will make these paintings available on our Auction page upon return to us, complete with proper documentation of use on set. Please note, for television and movie productions, we can be retained to “scout” for period, genre, etc.

Rates may vary, but typically range from 30-35% of retail value. In addition to the items on the site, please consult with us for additional items you may wish to preview for these purposes.

Rentals are subject to specific terms and conditions that will be detailed with you prior to mutual agreement to proceed. For more information, please contact us for more information.