Foreign Affair International was founded to satisfy a ever growing market need. My family had paintings on the walls before they had furniture- a true and somewhat amusing detail.

Having retired from a professional sports career, I took over the family antique business. This little pause gave me the much needed time to reassess the direction of our business.

So what is old is new again! Long-standing European and Asian families have collected and handed down fine art for centuries. They increase in value over time and can be liquidated as needed, or passed on to future generations. Recognizing I was “on to something” we began aggressively purchasing investment quality art and antiques. From retail outlets to supplying auction houses to sending paintings and fine prints to shops and collectors around the world, Foreign Affair is a now a well-known and respected source for people looking to acquire a single piece to treasure… or a financial portfolio of art assets that literally is a family’s treasure.

We travel frequently and personally inspect and select every item, whether old map or legal document – a steel engraving or painting. We understand the provenance of each piece we purchase and the artists listings, so we can project how value will grow over time. Our hope is that those who love and enjoy art will discover us and will treasure the beauty and value of the pieces we hand-pick for our portfolio. More than anything else, it’s Foreign Affair’s heartfelt mission to bring beautiful art to our customers. Art investments that will not only bring beauty to their homes, but will also enhance their financial stability.

I welcome you to visit our current showroom in Roswell, GA. Please call in advance, as we travel frequently….